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Phylon Media is a production company that was created 15 years ago in the heart of Times Square NYC.  Founded by former NBC employees with an understanding for storytelling, the company’s founders also brought various divisions of communications expertise to the company as they had worked with such large companies as Time magazine, NBA Entertainment and Nabisco. With the foundation for storytelling being built in editorial print and photography, Phylon Media 6.0 has evolved into a content creator of various platforms now creating content in the form of scripted films, documentary films, television shows, web series, live events, as well as integrated marketing content in all of the above platforms.

And Phylon Media 6.0 is joining forces in 2013 with some of the hottest writers, comedians and entertainers of the time to create joint content to promote on various platforms.

We create content that sells content!  Phylon Media uses a combination of experience and an amazing business plan for creating, selling and promoting to ALL demographics. Phylon Media has a board of directors that are forward thinking and focused.

Phylon Media has been in the production game for the past 15 years, and has proven that it has the best track record for delivering multiple shows to various networks.  From MSG Networks to MTV to BET, to VH1, Phylon Media’s fast growing presence is known within the industry.

In addition, Phylon Media has also provided services for popular websites such as MTV, BET, Island Def Jam, Nike and a host of other clients.


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Phylon Media has worked with MTV Development, VH1 Development along with a host of shows on BET, NBA TV, FUSE Networks and other networks and web platforms.

In the past, Phylon Media edited multiple shows such as MTVU’s very first Woodie Awards, the Wendy Williams Show, MTV’s MADE Marathon, The Hills DVD Special, My Sweet 16, MTV Tres’ Comedy Palooza, Crank That Vote (the election of Barack Obama) to name a few.

In 2006, Phylon Media and  the MSG Networks developed ‘Make It Hot’ with former NBA player Jerome ‘Junk Yard Dog’ Williams.  Season 1 featured entertainers such as actress Eva Longoria, Chris Brown, New York Knicks player Steve Francis, rapper Jim Jones, NBA All Star Vince Carter, Three Six Mafia, rapper Fabolous and R & B singer Jaheim.



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Located in the heart of NYC¹s Times Square in the famous Film Center, Phylon Media has become a staple in an already legendary artistic community. Phylon Media has a boutique feel with massive capabilities. The facility exists in a little under 2000 square feet w/2 Avid Avid Media Composer’s, 2 Final Cut Pro suites and a couple of Avid and Final Cut Pro portable edit suites.  We have dubbing capabilities for multiple formats and we have HD, digibeta, Beta SP, HDV, mini DV and DVD encoding capabilities.  Transcoding and FTP access, as well as instant cloud downloads are some of the new technologies Phylon Media offers. Mass duplicating and DVD dubbing is also available for larger scale transfers for shows etc.

Within Phylon Media Post, we produce television programs, commercials, music videos, documentaries, feature films, web content, corporate programming and a host of other projects.


Phylon Media is an innovative media production firm that engages in the development, branding and selling of media content.  We have provided over hundreds of hours of content and programming to leading networks, entertainment companies and websites. Phylon Media’s strategy is to target key demos for successful market penetration utilizing state of the art production values, while also providing cutting edge graphics and innovative programming concepts. We can capture the eye and ear of the youth market ages 13-44 who are fashion conscious, internet savvy, music consumers, sports fanatics and avid television watchers. Our content is developed and produced for broadcast, cable, satellite and retail companies in the form of TV programming, Pay Per view events, marketing, training tools, cable programming and home/video are also available. Our products are licensed and distributed nationally and provide effective entertainment, advertising and revenue for our clients and customers. In addition, we provide media consultation and production services to small and large businesses of various sectors.

We are committed to providing relevant and leading edge content and programming while maintaining excellence throughout the entire creative process.

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