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Phylon Media is a production company that was created 15 years ago in the heart of Times Square NYC.  Founded by former NBC employees with an understanding for storytelling, the company’s founders also brought various divisions of communications expertise to the company as they had worked with such large companies as Microsoft, NBC, Time magazine, NBA Entertainment and Nike. With the foundation for storytelling being built in editorial print and photography, Phylon Media 6.0 has evolved into a content creator of various platforms now creating content in the form of scripted films, documentary films,  television shows, web series, live events, as well as integrated marketing content in all of the above platforms.

And Phylon Media 6.0 is joining forces in 2013 with some of the hottest writers,  comedians and entertainers of the time to create joint content to promote on various platforms.

We create content that sells content!  Phylon Media uses a combination of experience and an amazing business plan for creating, selling and promoting to ALL demographics. Phylon Media has a board of directors that are forward thinking and focused.

Phylon Media has been in the production game for the past 15 years, and has proven that it has the best track record for delivering multiple shows to various networks.  From MSG Networks to MTV to BET, to VH1, Phylon Media’s fast growing presence is known within the industry.

In addition, Phylon Media has also provided services for popular websites such as MTV, BET, Island Def Jam, Nike and a host of other clients.